Product Specifications
Shelf Life 1 Years Adhesive Side Single Side
Tape Type Masking Tap Material Other
Adhesive Type Rubber Color Creamish White
Tape Length 15 to 50mtrs Meter (m) Tape Thickness 125µm Gauge
Use Masking Tape Width 12mm to 72mm Millimeter (mm)
Product Description

    Furniture Grade - M6143 - A Versatile Masking Tape with Natural Rubber based adhesive. It has high adhesion, excellent holding power and is removable without residue or breakage. It is an all purpose Masking Tape at Room Temperature jobs and is recommended during Furniture Holding, Painting, Masking and Packaging.

    Features of M6143 Masking tape:

     Peels off easily
      Easy to tear
      Strong adhesiveness
      High elasticity


    Additional information:


    Temperature resistance 55C for 1hr
    Total Thickness (mm) 125 µm± 0.01
    Tensile Strength (kg / 25mm) 8 ± 0.2
    Elongation 12 ± 2 %
    Adhesion to Stainless Steel (gm / 25mm) 500 ± 100
    Initial Tack >15cm
    Shear (holding power, 1kg / >3000 minutes
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